16th Congress of the Pan-Asian Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (PACTRIMS) 2024



Abstracts must be submitted by Monday, 5 August 2024, 23:59 hours (Singapore Standard Time, +8.00UTC).  Strictly no extension.

Topics for your submissions:

  • Epidemiology, Genetics, and Epigenetics
  • Basic Science
  • Neuropathology
  • Neuroimaging and Neurophysiology
  • Patient Reported Outcomes and Programs that Support Quality of Life
  • Disease modifying therapies
  • Infection as Differential Diagnosis and Treatment-related Diseases
  • Symptom Management and Rehabilitation
  • Advances in Technology in Diagnosis and Care

Submission Areas Include:

Research Reports

These reports present completed original research on pharmacologic agents, therapeutic issues, and innovative services or outcomes of services provided to the patients with MS or related diseases.


These posters represent currently ongoing, uncompleted studies. The author may discuss preliminary results of the studies, provided the research methods have been validated. Topics may include clinical drug studies, therapeutics issues, innovative services, and outcomes.

Case Studies

These posters present a description of the evidence-based management and treatment of a patient from the author’s clinical practice with an uncommon presentation and/or clinically challenging scenario, emphasizing steps taken to maximize the likelihood of an optimal outcome.

Repeat Presentations

These posters represent findings that have been presented at other meetings but contain information of interest to clinicians who care for patients with MS or related diseases. These completed studies need to be original research on pharmacologic issues, therapeutic considerations, innovative services, or outcomes related to MS and related diseases.



Submission via this portal only. Please fill all required fields including age, year of graduation and position in the organisation of the first presenting author.  Only the first presenting author is required to submit a short biography.  The rest are optional.

Registration is compulsory

Submission of an abstract does not constitute registration for the congress. Presenters are required to register for the congress separately.  Registration is compulsory for the publication of the abstracts. Those whose abstracts are accepted but did not register or turn up for the congress will not be published.


  • The abstract must be original, submitted online in the respective format: Title, Background, Objective, Methods, Results and Conclusions.
  • Use UK spelling. All abbreviations must be clearly defined at least once.
  • Type the title using title case (eg. The Title Should be Written Like This)
  • The length of the content, excluding title and affiliation, is limited by word count of a total of approximately 300. Figures, tables and references should not be included in the abstract.

Contributing Authors

  • The first author listed should be the presenting author.
  • When more than one author is listed, use the fields for the subsequent authors.
  • Any conflict of interest with regards to the abstract/poster should be declared at submission.

Notification of Accepted Abstracts

Authors of accepted abstracts will be informed by the end of August.  Please check your spam mails and use emails where you can be reached.  Note that some organisations may have mail filters that may prevent our emails from reaching you.  

Accepted presenting Authors MUST register for the congress.  Further information regarding the size of the printed poster will be provided later.

Legal Disclaimer

  • Abstracts are subject to approval by the Scientific Committee.
  • The Scientific Committee reserves the right to edit the abstract for publication purposes.
  • By submitting your abstract, you (and all the authors involved) agree to have it possibly edited, included and published on the PACTRIMS website and in the Multiple Sclerosis Journal; and release the PACTRIMS Committees and Secretariat team from all responsibility for the continued accuracy of the information and any withholding copyright issue of the data or information contained within.


The best posters will be selected for the following special awards:

  • PACTRIMS Young Investigator Award (USD500)
  • PACTRIMS Best Poster Award (USD500)
  • PACTRIMS Investigator Award  (USD500)
  • MSJ-PACTRIMS Investigator Award (USD500)
  • MSJ-PACTRIMS Young Investigator Best Poster Award (USD500)
  • PACTRIMS Best Case Presentation Award  (USD50)
  • PACTRIMS Best Case Presentation Award  (USD50)

Travel Grant Application and Guide 2024

In an effort to forge a diversified MS community within the Asia Pacific Region, the PACTRIMS Travel Grant contributes funds to qualifying individuals’ travel expenses for Congress participation. This is done to encourage participation from healthcare professionals in the Asia Pacific Region, increasing the prominence and importance of research and interest in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in the Region and encourage mutually beneficial interaction among MS healthcare professionals.


To qualify, individuals must satisfy the following criteria.

  1. Be practicing Healthcare Professionals with experience of 5 years or less in Neurology including the following:
    Specialists/Physicians, Post-Graduate Students/Training Neurologists, Registrars, Medical Officers, Pharmacists, Nurses
  2. Have an abstract accepted at the 16th PACTRIMS Congress, 2024.
  3. Non-Thai citizen and from a low-lower-middle-income country (LMIc).  See list below. (Travel grant does not apply to Thai citizens or PR residing in Thailand)


List of Low-Lower-Middle Income Countries


Burkina FasoLiberia South Sudan
Central African RepublicMalawiTogo
Congo, Dem. RepMozambique Yemen, Rep.
Ethiopia Rwanda
Gambia, TheSierra Leone



AlgeriaIndiaSão Tomé and Principe
BeninKiribatiSolomon Islands
BhutanKyrgyz Republic Sri Lanka
Bolivialao pdr Tanzania
Cabo VerdeLebanonTajikistan
CambodiaLesotho Timor-Leste
ComorosMicronesia, Fed. Sts. Ukraine
Congo, Rep. MongoliaUzbekistan
Côte d'Ivoire Morocco Vanuatu
DjiboutiMyanmar Vietnam
Egypt, Arab Rep.Nepal Zambia
EswatiniNicaragua Zimbabwe
HaitiPapua New Guinea


Source: World Bank 2023


Travel Grant Award Description

The PACTRIMS Travel Grant of USD$ 1,000 is only available to the first 25 applicants; and these applicants must not be Thai residents and PR residing in Thailand. A photocopy of your passport showing your name and nationality and a declaration as proof of five years or less experience as a healthcare professional is required and must be signed by the Head of Department or Institution with your Institution original letterhead.  Applicants who are non-Thai citizens but practice in Thailand are not eligible for the grant. 

Citizens of Iran, Syria, Crimea, North Korea and Cuba are not eligible for the Travel Grant. 


Qualifying individuals must fill out an application form available for download ONLINE or from the registration desk during the Congress from 30 October to 2 November 2024.

The following items are important and compulsory in your submission:

  1. The application form (inclusive of bank account information, and all required fields on the form must be filled in to allow for ease of banking transaction. Please note that the Singapore banks have adopted strict multiple verifications when transferring money to overseas banks and therefore would require complete information before the money could be transferred. PACTRIMS does not guarantee payment if the information provided is incomplete).
  2. A photocopy of your passport showing your name and nationality
  3. A declaration of proof of experience from your department head or manager on your Institution's letterhead must be submitted in person to the Secretariat/registration desk latest by 10.00am, Saturday, 2 November 2024.  Documents without official letterheads will not be accepted.



The grant will be credited to qualifying individuals via telegraphic transfer within 90 days after the end of the PACTRIMS Congress. Please provide complete and accurate bank details or PACTRIMS will deduct bank charges of USD$50 for every unsuccessful attempt. 

Please note that after 2 unsuccessful attempts, PACTRIMS will rescind and cancel the travel grant.  

Submission Deadline

Completed applications and accompanying documents must be received by the Secretariat on or before the last day of the Congress, 2 November 2024 by 10.00am Thailand local timeLate submissions will not be entertained and please adhere strictly to this deadline.